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Extremity injuries are very common in accidents. PIC can provide care from the most minor sprains to major surgery and reconstruction. In addition to standard MRI and CT, our physicians utilize musculoskeletal ultrasound for additional diagnostic ability and to precisely guide treatments. We utilize many "cutting-edge" technologies to give you the best chance of getting better without surgery. If that fails, we have a board certified orthopedic surgeon that works closely with the treating sports medicine physician to assure all diagnostic procedures have been done and we have the most accurate diagnosis possible before undergoing surgery.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

One of the most promising "cutting-edge" procedures for non-surgical treatment of musculoskeletal injuries is Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injection. This treatment was once only available at a high cost and was used primarily by professional athletes. It has become more affordable and is now routinely used for all types of ligament, muscle, and tendon injuries. The website links below explain the process. The physicians of PIC always use musculoskeletal ultrasound in all PRP procedures to precisely guide the therapy.

Some Of The Many Professional Athletes That Have Received Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Treatments

  • LaRon Landry, Chris Cooley, Brandon Banks-Washington Redskins1

  • Joe Contreras-Philadelphia Phillies1

  • Daisuke Matsuzaka, Bobby Jenkins-Boston Red Socks1

  • Brett Anderson-Oakland Athletics1

  • Jessie Carlson-Toronto Blue Jays1

  • Wesley Matthews-Portland Trailblazers1

  • Hines Ward, Troy Polamalu-Pittsburgh Steelers2

  • Donald Jones-Buffalo Bills2

  • Andre Johnson-Houston Texans2

  • Alex Rodriguez-New York Yankees2

  • Takashi Saito-Boston Red Sox2

  • Kobe Bryant-Los Angeles Lakers2

  • Tiger Woods-Professional Golfer2

  • Rafael Nadal-Professional Tennis2



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